PowerWalker SNMP Managementkarte für VFI LCD-Serie


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SNMP Managementkarte für VFI LCD Serie
  • Monitor UPS through RJ45 network connection
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT port
  • Protocol support SNMP-V1, SNMP-V2
  • Supported MIB: RFC1213, RFC1628, MIB
  • Optional: Environmental Monitor Detector

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PowerWalker SNMP manager is a communication solution for UPS Monitoring and control. This SNMP manager card allows remote monitor and manage multiple UPSs from anywhere with internet access. Integrated web access will leverage internet capability of SNMP manager to remotely program or shut down UPSs. Equipped with SNMP manager, power conditions of all UPSs can be monitored anytime/anywhere even though the UPS units are located in different floors. Besides, this card also come equipped with easy-to-update firmware feature. Whenever the updated firmware is released, System manager can download it and simply upgrade all with one click.

Supports following models:
VFI 1000/1500/2000/3000/6000/10000 LCD
VFI 1000RM/1500RM/2000RM/3000RM/6000R/10000R LCD

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